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1974 Chevrolet Corvette 

1974 Chevrolet Corvette for sale
1974 Chevrolet Corvette Picture 2 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Picture 3 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Picture 4 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Picture 5 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Picture 6 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Picture 7 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Picture 8

I bought this old vette a couple of year's ago from a well known custom motorcycle builder out of Ca.

I was told that car's original frame had rotted/rusted from it previously being in snow/salt so another frame(+ car with fiberglass damage) was bought for parts and then convertible body and etc were moved over to replace bad frame.

So, body and interior (maybe more parts ?) r from a '74 year mdl and frame, rear, left door r from an '80 year mdl(maybe more parts ?).

Also, I was told that its mtr/trans r original but I don't guarantee this(GUESSING though I would guess and say that this is true ?).

I was also told that miles showing(65k) r act mls to drivetrain but I can't/don't guarantee this(GUESSING though I would guess and say that this is true ?).

Convertible soft top was/is in poor condition however, I bought a brand new replacement WHITE soft top for it(only needs to be installed on frame), also, I bought a hard top for it but it has no hardware or rear glass(I bought top off of our local Craigslist, seller to me had bought some storage lockers and this was in one of the lockers without hardware/rear glass).

Also, I think it's an aftermarket hard top so probably what all that its missing could be bought for it ?.

Car's front bumper was trashed(typical) but I bought a brand new replacement front bumper for it(it only needs to be bolted on).

I had a new high $ front windshield put into it.

I bought new outside door handle's for it(original one's had dead chrome and both were sagging, typical deal).

I bought HARD TO FIND custom finned wheels for it, I bought brand new center caps for it, + had custom vette center cap emblems made for caps, also, wheels sit on rt @ new BFG tires.

I also bought custom made wheel adapters/spacers for wheels to push them out more to give car a better look with added WIDE fender/quarter flares(one of my most fave parts about the car).

Whenever I had first bought car, it was running pretty rough so I had it tuned up(but again, this was a couple of year's ago so it probably needs to be tuned up again ?).

Car runs pretty good as of now however, it idles a little bit too low(it doesn't dye though).

Car had DEAD power steering whenever I bought it so I spent some good $ on it.

Car had an issue with shifter jumping out of most gears so I spent some good $ on it and now it shifts PERFECTLY(clutch feels great too).

Drivers door panel wasn't in very poor condition so I bought a brand new $300.00 one for it in correct Oxblood color.

Inside windshield interior trim was wore/tore(typical deal, especially it being on a convertible), so I spent like $200.00 for trim pieces here however, they don't fit as well as original's and they came in tan color so I spray dyed them original oxblood color however, vinyl paint I used is peeling a little bit(I still have original's).

Last, I bought a nice set of high $ floor mats for it with Corvette logos.

What car needs:

As u can see, it needs new paint.

It will need rear cargo area carpet(previous owner had already replaced front carpet and it still looks great).

Car will need new mufflers.

Car will need a new temperature sending unit switch(current one is broken, no big deal, car runs perfectly COOL).

Car's headlights r currently stuck down(typical vette) but all of car's vacume system is all there and all hoses look good.

Brakes probably need bleeding from sitting(low pedal but they do work, car def stops).

Last, radio works but no sound comes out(probably speakers r bad?).

The GREAT news about the car:

Again, it runs/shifts pretty darn good!

Body and frame look to be in really nice condition!

ALL dash lights lite up like brand new!

Gas gauge works perfectly(rare)!

Interior overall is in AWESOME condition(minus seats being just a little sun faded, typical convertible) and there is also a small crack on center console.

So, this pretty much sums it all up!

I've been having a few other car's restored since buying this baby so even though I've done a lot to it(spent a lot of $ on it), it still needs a little restoring still.

But hey, it's a desirable CONVERTIBLE with some very COOL added high $ flares.

I'm honestly kind of on the fence about getting rid of it BUT since we have a baby now this 2 SEATER may be useless!

I think that I'm pricing it more than fair too(I've seen LOTS of other's bring LOTS more $$$)!

Houston, Texas
Mileage: 65999
Engine: V8/350
Body Type: Convertible
Interior: Oxblood Red
Exterior: Burgundy
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Place Date: 8/16/2016
2551 Ad Views

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