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1964 Chevrolet Impala SS

1964 Chevrolet Impala for sale
1964 Chevrolet Impala Picture 2 1964 Chevrolet Impala Picture 3 1964 Chevrolet Impala Picture 4 1964 Chevrolet Impala Picture 5 1964 Chevrolet Impala Picture 6 1964 Chevrolet Impala Picture 7 1964 Chevrolet Impala Picture 8

For sale: 1964 impala super sport. 283 engine, Two speed powerglide trany, power steering , power brakes, electric windshield washer, and YES! (Factory) power windows, and (factory) AC. Silver with a black interior. This is a real SS with 47,000 original miles. I bought this car around 16 years ago as the second owner. It was in really! really! beautiful original condition. Finding this car in its raw untouched original condition was one of those great finds we all look for. The body had 3 small silver dollar or smaller size corrosion spots in the typical lower wheel area. It also had some small chips and dings on the sides. The original paint still looked really nice and shined up nicely. I wanted this car to look even better so I had it painted. The paint job is a satin silver base coat clear coat and is about 14 years old. Most paint jobs this old become good looking 20 foot distance daily drivers. Because of its superb original condition start, it is still a beautiful up close Impala. However, there is (minimal) wear at the original spots (you must get down and look real close). The bumpers are really nice original chrome. The rear passenger side corner piece bumper has a small easily missed dent. The headlights are original T3 headlights. The chassis and floors are original solid. The interior is in excellent original condition with no rips, and the dash is crack free. The original (am) radio is still there and working. I have the original SS hubcaps that I interchange with the camaro rally rims that are currently on the car. Just remove the center cap and trim rings and the SS caps go back in place for the complete original look. The spare is a used original gummy dip tire along with the jack.

In the time I have owned this Chevy I have made a few add-ons. I have been careful to not change anything that was not reversible or too noticeable to originality. The springs and shocks have been changed. I opted for the rear stiffer cargo spring choice. The shocks are a performance kyb shocks painted black so they donít stand out. The shocks have taken away that pillow soft ride but the handling is night and day. I also added an aftermarket 3/4 rear sway bar. The original exhaust was single but now has a custom bent 2 inch exhaust. The sound is a really nice rumble at lower speeds and quiet at highway speeds. The points have been changed out to an all hidden under the distributor cap electronic ignition. You wonít be able to tell, and you never have to change or gap points. I have replaced some engine decals with new ones. The water pump, brake booster and master cylinder were recently rebuilt and carefully painted. I sent out the originals to be rebuilt and sent back, Taking note of the casting numbers. The wheel cylinders and brake hoses on the large 4 wheel drums have been change over the years. The rear main seal has dried and needs to be changed. I have recently replaced the valve cover gaskets. The battery is a few month old tar top replica. The front seats have the original optional front seatbelts. I have also installed rear universal seatbelts so I can accommodate child booster seats. These belts easily disappear between the seats.

I think the highlights of this chevy are the rare A/C, POWER WINDOW options and its CONDITION. I believe my impala is a #2 condition. According to the 2011Collector car price guide, on a scale of 1 through 6, this impala in a #2 condition is priced at around 26K plus. A #2 condition is described as.ĒA well restored or combination of superior restoration and excellent original. Also, an extremely well maintained original showing very minimal wear.Ē A #1 condition is not driven (trailered) and a 95 point car. Another source that you may want to check is I have looked up many cars on this site since they donít charge you for doing so. I have tried to describe as much detail as possible in order for you to envision the condition of this car. Iím sure I have left something out. Seeing it in person is the best way and you wonít be disappointed. Please, serious enquiries only. I will consider any reasonable offer. GO AHEAD MAKE AN OFFER! I will kindly work with you. I WILL CONSIDER A TRADE. WHAT DO YOU HAVE THAT MAY BE COMPARABLE? You can contact me for more detailed pictures.
STYLE 64-1447TA
12461- BODY
TRIM -815
ACCESSORY CODE- x2km53c5w _


Easton, Pennsylvania
Mileage: 47000
Engine: 283 V8
Body Type: 2dr hardtop
Interior: BLACK
Exterior: SILVER

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