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1972 Porsche 911S 

1972 Porsche 911S for sale
1972 Porsche 911S Picture 2 1972 Porsche 911S Picture 3 1972 Porsche 911S Picture 4 1972 Porsche 911S Picture 5 1972 Porsche 911S Picture 6 1972 Porsche 911S Picture 7 1972 Porsche 911S Picture 8

1972 Porsche 911S Targa

Up for sale is my 1972 Porsche 2.4 911S Targa Vin# 9112310755, Engine# 6322000. Only 989 Porsche 911S Targas were produced in 1972. This is an engine/chassis matching numbers car.

Car History
I've owned this car for the past 27 years and I am the second owner (I have a copy of the original pink slip to verify this). This car has spent its life in Southern California. The original owner purchased the car in Beverly Hills, CA and the car resided in Santa Monica, CA for the first 14 years. In February of 1986 I purchased the car and it has resided in Ventura County for the past 27 years. I purchased this car with 131K miles and over the years I have put an additional 60K miles on it (currently the odometer reads 90K miles). This has always been a second car for me and as a result it sat for sporadic periods of time during the years I've owned it. The miles I've put on the car were primarily weekend miles driving Southern California canyon roads, driving along Pacific Coast Hwy and weekend trips to Santa Barbara, San Diego or Las Vegas. Don't get me wrong, I haven't pampered this car by any means. In fact, over the 27 years that I've owned this car I've driven it the way it was meant to be driven (at the top of its gears). If you've ever driven an early 911S you know what a joy these early Porsche cars can be to drive. And the 911S is at its best when it's pushed hard. However, I have not regularly driven the car since 2006 and it's been sitting on four jack stands for most of that time. I recently pulled it out of storage for this sale. Below I've tried to detail the work that has been done over the years that I've owned it, but although I've tried to keep all records of my car unfortunately over the years I've misplaced many of these receipts.

The car was painted (light yellow with door jam sticker retained) in 1987 and I replaced all rubber and seals. Over the years the paint faded and I had a friend of mine paint it again in 2003, again in the original light yellow color (paint code 117). The paint job is adequate and still has plenty of life left. From a distance it's hard to see any obvious problems with it, but when you get up close you'll see overspray areas under the pan sides and in the trunk area, clear coat paint drip on the lower back bumper and the underside of the decklid was not sprayed with the same detail. Several small areas were not degreased properly and in these areas the paint lifted. It has six coats of paint and two clear coats. It was color sanded and still has a nice mirror finish with no signs of fading or the dreaded orange peal. It does not need a new paint job but it could use some repair work on several small areas by a quality painter. In 1987 some minor rear fender work was done to the drivers side where a moped bumped into it. The dash is original (complete with the speaker grill) and is in good shape except for the famous hairline crack in the usual place. The car came with factory Recaro Sport Seats that were originally covered in thick vinyl. In 1990 I had the seats recovered and the original foam was retained, but over the years the drivers seat has developed some cracks and tears in the vinyl. I covered all damaged areas with duct tape to preserve the foam from deteriorating and I've used custom sheepskin covers. The rear jump seats, rear panel, door panels, door pockets and visors are all original and all are in good shape considering they're over 40 years old. I replaced the original carpeting with a Perlon kit in 1995 and I retained all the original pieces and boxed them up for reference. It has the original 6 inch Fuchs wheels including the spare. In 1990 I installed a Momo leather wrapped steering wheel with the Porsche horn button (I still have the original steering wheel). In 1995 I removed the fuel tank and had it boiled out, relined and sprayed. I also reskinned the targa top and installed a felt liner. The floor pan, battery boxes, trunk floor and underside of fenders are all clean for a 40 year old car. This car is as dry, rust free and clean under the chassis as one can expect from a 40 year old Southern California car. You can view many more photos here: Flickr: legalsolutions2013's Photostream

In 1986 I had the chain tensioners replaced. In 1989 (engine had 145K miles) I had a top end engine rebuild (full valve job, balanced connecting rods, replaced rod bearings, new piston rings and hone Mahle piston barrels, resealed engine, installed 930 chain tensioners with anti-collapse collars and had Jerry Fairchild completely rebuild the MFI pump. In 1995 I removed and boxed up the entire mechanical fuel injection system (comes with car) and installed Italian Weber 40ida carburetors with PMO intake manifolds, K&N air filters, MSD 6AL ignition box and a Pertronix Igniter II. The heat exchangers were removed and replaced with headers from Performance Products along with a OEM exhaust. In 2003 I replaced the clutch, throw out bearing and resurfaced the flywheel with a factory Sachs pkg and I replaced the rear shocks with factory Boge type. In 2005 I had the Weber Carburetors completely rebuilt. The transmission has not been rebuilt and still shifts well. In 2003 I replaced the shifting coupler and the nylon sleeves on the shift rod to clean up the shift slop. Electrical wiring is original and I've discovered a couple of electrical gremlins (Tach stopped working, one brake light out, one weak turn signal, no lic plate light, no trunk light). I think there is a bad ground but I don't have the time or patience to track it down. I've not changed the original oil lines and noticed a couple that need to be replaced. The engine runs strong and burns clean. Please check out the YouTube video of the motor running at:

General Info
I've tried to keep the car in as original condition as I could without adding anything that didn't need to be there. I'm of the belief that a car is only original once and anything removed should have a functional purpose. Although I removed the MFI, I have not reinstalled the system back because the throttle bodies need to be rebuilt and only a couple of shops know how to do this job properly and it can get expensive. However, the Weber 40ida carburetors are an acceptable add-on with no power loss. Here, I have the original MFI which is complete and has been boxed up. As you are probably aware the 1969-1973 911S cars are by far the most desirable air cooled Porsche's and the current prices reflect this. The 1972 is somewhat unique in that it's the first early 911 to carry the 2.4 liter engine (the 911S is rated at 190hp) and it came with a 915 transmission which is stronger than the 901. It's also the only early 911 that has the oil door on the right rear fender which has better weight distribution and the 911S has a separate front oil cooler. In my opinion this car is not in need of a full restoration but it can use a little attention before using it as a daily driver. Depending on what your expectations are only you can decide if this car is for you.

I've priced my 1972 Porsche 911S Targa at $89,000.00. Given its condition, the current market and extreme limited availability of these gems I believe it's a fair price. Please check the market for availability and prices of a comparable 1972 Porsche 911S Targa. These cars are only becoming harder to find and as a result the prices will continue to rise. My car is being sold in “as is” condition. Please look at all photos and feel free to ask any questions. You can contact me at: Thank you for viewing my ad. SOLD

Ventura, California
Mileage: 190K
Engine: 2.4S
Body Type: Targa
Interior: Black
Exterior: Light Yellow

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