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Collector Car Ads offers tremendous targeted advertising opportunities for your classic car related business. With over 150,000 unique monthly visitors and 1,000,000 page views we are one of the largest classic car sites on the internet.

Our visitors are classic car enthusiasts who come to our site to buy and sell classic cars or to just browse the thousands of cars we have for sale. One thing our visitors have in common is they love classic cars! Click here to view a PDF file of the top 10,000 search phrases our visitors used in internet search engines to find our site in a typical month.

Targeted Advertising
Collector Car Ads offers a unique targeted advertising program that few can offer. Lets say you sell Ford parts. It wouldn't be very efficient for your ads to appear on on Chevrolet pages. Our system will display your ads only on pages with Ford content maximizing your advertising dollar. Even more specifically you could advertise your Mustang parts on pages that only have Mustang content. This is a very powerful way to create your advertising campaigns;specific advertising on specific pages. In addition you can you can control the maximum number of ad impressions per day and create delivery capping to limit repeat impression to visitors. Your ad statistics can be viewed in real time by logging into the site and you have full control activating and deactivating your ads.

Ad Formats
We have the following ad sizes available on our site:
468x60 Banner
120x90 Button
120x60 Button
Text Ads 35 character limit
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Ad Pricing
Pricing is based on cpm(1,000 impressions) There is a 10,000 impression minimum.

 468x60 Banner

   Text Ads (highly effective)
 10,000-30,000 impressions $2.50 cpm
 30,001-100,000 impressions $2.25 cpm
 Over 100,000 impressions $2.00 cpm
 10,000-30,000 impressions $2.80 cpm
 30,001-100,000 impressions $2.50 cpm
 Over 100,000 impressions $2.35 cpm
 120x90 Button    120x60 Button
 10,000-30,000 impressions $2.25 cpm
 30,001-100,000 impressions $2.00 cpm
 Over 100,000 impressions $1.75 cpm
   10,000-30,000 impressions $2.15 cpm
 30,001-100,000 impressions $1.90 cpm
 Over 100,000 impressions $1.65 cpm

Campaign Example
Lets look at a campaign using a Ford parts dealer as an example. Our fictitious dealers specializes in Thunderbird Parts and he wants to customize his campaign. He might want to design a campaign like this:

This banner would only show on pages that have 55-57 thunderbird content

In addition he may want to set up a text ad campaign like this:
1955 Thunderbird Parts - Appears on pages with 1955 Thunderbirds only
Thunderbird Parts - Appears on any page with Thunderbird content
Ford Literature and Manuals - Appears on any page with Ford content

Create your campaign today!
If are interested in advertising with Collector Car Ads contact us at With our reasonable rates and the tremendous flexibilty our program offers, you are sure to get the most from your advertising dollar.