Using the search feature, there are a variety of ways to search the database.

The only fields that are required are the year fields. This example
will give you a return on all Makes, Models and Locations.

In this example you would get a return on all Chevrolets from
1960 to 1965: Impalas, Bel Airs, Novas

In this example you would get a return on all Chevrolet
Impalas from 1960 to 1965
. Choosing a location will
further refine your search

In this example we've chosen to search for all SS models
without a make chosen. The return would include all
Chevrolet SS models as we would expect, but it would also
include Oldsmobile Cutlass because part of the model name
is include in the search.

To assure that you are recieving a full search return when searching for Pickups or vehicles with unusual model names you may want to conduct your search by make and years only. For example, some advertisers have 'Pickup' as there model, others have included a numerical model designation. Searching by make only will filter out any unusual model designation.